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Breaking the Celluloid Ceiling: Women in European Cinema

Manchester's Instituto Cervantes, Società Dante Alighieri and Alliance Française are hosting a 4-day celebration of European Cinema with a focus on women in the industry. These free events include an evening of discussion followed by 3 nights of film screenings. In collaboration with HOME.

Monday 9 May: DISCUSSION + Q&A Join the event where they'll discuss roles, specific works by women, and opportunities for women in the European film industry. Focusing on 4 countries (UK, Spain, Italy and France), the panel of experts will address what is unique in how women directors, screenwriters and/or producers approach film-making, and highlight the opportunities for and contributions of women in the industry.

In English - Free - Open to all

9 May - round table: REGISTER HERE

Speaker: Rachel Hayward, Carmen Herrero, Silvana Serra and Isabelle Vanderschelden

Don't miss the 3 nights of film screenings:

Tuesday 10 May: French comedy "Notre Dame" - REGISTER HERE

Wednesday 11 May: Spanish thriller "Se quien eres" (I know who you are) - REGISTER HERE

Thursday 12 May: Italian classic drama "Pasqualino settebellezze" (Seven Beauties) - REGISTER HERE

If you would like more information about the full event, please look here.


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