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FGM is not exclusive to developing countries. Sadly, it can nestle next door

An appalling 5,700 new cases of female genital mutilation were recorded in England in 2015-16, and authorities have found hard evidence that the practice is still happening on UK soil, with 18 procedures recorded as having been performed in the UK in 2016 alone. There are an estimated 134,600 women with FGM born in countries where FGM is practised and living in England. More than 20,000 girls a year are thought to be at risk of FGM in the UK.

The figures speak for themselves and it's obvious that new policies need to be put in place to deal with this issue. If you wish to know more on the subject, these are our recommended links:

- UK police's legal action to prevent FGM features this recent article published in The Guardian.

- FGM victims attended to by the British National Health System.

- This is another article published last year, regarding the prosecution of clinicians who fail to report cases of FGM to the police.

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